Invest in Team Cohesion

Empower Your Team with Lessons in Integration,Herbalism,Wilderness,Breathwork,Meditation,Yoga,Tarot,Hypnotism,Astrology

All-Inclusive & Custom Retreats
Workshops, Activities, and Lessons

Don’t let your retreats become another day in the office 😴

All-Inclusive, Immersive Retreats Outside NYC

Just Bring Yourself (…and maybe a change of clothes 🦨)

βœ… Accommodations

βœ… Meals & Snacks

βœ… Transport to/from Ithaca

βœ… Integration & Community

βœ… Learning & Development

βœ… Workshop Skills Training

βœ… Hiking and Camping

βœ… Team Building Activities

βœ… Team Photos & Materials

Apply Super Glue to your Team’s Cohesion 🧴

Remote work is a game-changer that is accelerating product development. Yet, progress is short-lived if it comes at the expense of team cohesion and disconnection from the mission. Teams need a place to bond without the break room.

The Lighthouse Retreat Center is a communal environment. We’ve intentionally removed layers of separation and privilege so that your team can bond as equals. We’ve handled the outer work so you can focus on the inner.

Ushering in Learning & Development v2 πŸ’Ό

WFH integrated our personal and professional lives. So we built a retreat that aligns with remote-first. Our itinerary is filled with workshops and activities promoting self awareness and interpersonal relationships – leading to better communication in your 1:1’s, reviews, and feedback.

  • Wilderness hiking and camping builds confidence in decision making
  • Use herbalism to increase productivity by avoiding coffee hangovers
  • Learn to regulate emotional responses in meetings through meditation practice
  • Accelerate personal growth by integrating lessons into your life

Post-Experience, Complete Your Feedback Loop ♾️

Real change happens with support over time. In the weeks following your retreat, we’ll host two post-retreat virtual integration sessions for your team to turn their lessons into habit. Continue developing your new skills alongside others through our forums and events.

Join us again when you’re ready for advanced versions of the path, dedicated workshops, or new retreat themes.

Ready to take the plunge?