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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Which Tolietries & Essentials are Provided?

      While you are welcome to bring anything that makes you feel comfortable, listed below are all the items you can expect to be provided. TolietriesShampoo, Conditioner, SoapToothpaste, FlossLotion, Toliet PaperHair Dryer, Elastic Hair TiesNail Clippers, Q-Tips, Makeup Remover Pads, Contact SolutionAdvil, OTC Allergy Medication, Bandaids, Tweezers Misc.USB-C 13w Charger (Android)Lighting Charging Cable (iPhone) Slumber PartyAir…

    • What Does ‘Communal Environment’ Mean?

      In the context of The Retreat, communal environment means the team will be sharing living space. This includes sleeping arrangements, bathrooms, a kitchen, and other living areas. One night is spent camping and 2 – 4 person tents will be provided (along with all other camping materials). We understand your concerns – slumber parties are…

    • What is your refund policy?

      Full Cancellation When booked, a deposit of 50% is due and in the case of cancellation, a full refund will be issued within 7 days of re-booking your scheduled retreat dates. Two weeks prior to your scheduled dates, the remaining 50% is due and if cancellation occurs after this period, a full refund is issued…

    • Can we have more or fewer than 8 people?

      Yes! We list 8 participants as our sweet spot based on facilitator availability and size of accomodations. Our preferred limits are 4 to 12 participants, but we can flex on the upper limit. The Retreat cost will fluctuate based on variable costs, such as food and workshop materials (in either direction). Please shoot us a…

    • Can we customize our retreat?

      Short answer, yes. Activities, workshops, number of days or participants can all be changed or tweaked to better target your needs. However, we will first need to work with you to understand changes to consider a range of factors such as facilitator availability and modality, weather, safety, any others. Please use the Contact Form to…

    Retreat Planning

    • What is a Team Retreat, Anyways?

      Planning an annual team retreat is no small endeavor. But there’s a trick to making it a little easier. Without question, make your first step defining what a retreat means to you and the team. There’s two types of retreats and the one you choose will shape the entire experience. Here’s how to choose between Team…

    • Team Building in a WFH World

      How do companies overcome the hurdles of WFH without alienating employees with tracking initiatives and without sacrificing cost or efficiency?  This question is On. My. Mind. And if you’re in a leadership position, it should be on yours, too!