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How It Works

What We Do

A Lighthouse Retreat is a 4 day, 6-12 participant experience designed to impart a plant medicine lessons through the use of workshops and team-building exercises. An overarching retreat theme uses various modalitiesto tie each component together. Plant a seed that creates powerful growth opportunities for participants. Retreats are hosted at the Lighthouse by (2) Workshop Facilitators, (2) Retreat Facilitators, and (1) Chef

How it works during a retreat

Retreat Facilitators manage everything happening outside of workshops and meals. Workshop Facilitators manage workshops and a chef manages all things meals. All facilitators share some responsibilities and mix their interests and skills for activities like nightly in-tea-gration sessions.

How it works outside of a retreat

The retreat planning crew creates an itinerary and schedule, themes and exercises which are sourced from, and reviewed by, whole team. Workshop sessions, team exercises, and meals are glued together by integration circles and other supportive activities like yoga, meditation, nature walks, and mini-lessons in foraging, herbalism, and nutrition. Business operations keeps an eye on the practical needs to keep us grounded. Advisors use their domain expertise to guide those in any role.


Knowledge area experts available to guides others.

NEED Trauma-Informed, Diverse, and Inclusive Messaging, Exercises, and Workshops
NEED Psychology/Science-Informed Plant Medicine Experience

Business Crew

Finance, Legal, Design, Customer Engagement

NEED (+1) Operations Support Volunteer

Coordinate upcoming retreat planning, collecting attendee information, payments/refunds/costs/reimbursements
Manage pre and post-retreat communication with attendees and facilitators
Assist facilitators and attendees before/during/after retreats with administrative or logistical needs and questions

NEED (+1) Research Volunteer

(1) Find Individual Facilitators or Groups for Collaboration and/or to how a retreat at the LH (use case dependent)
(2) Where can we post our retreat to find startups and/or small groups to book it?
(3) Put yourself in the shoes of a startup administrator who is trying to find a place for a retreat outside NY. What are they searching for? Where do they look? What kinds of words and phrases do they use? What do they want in a retreat?
(4) Find Local Events & Resources for Retreats

NEED (+1) Social & Outreach Volunteer

(1) Reach out to companys looking for a retreat with provided messaging using LinkedIn (or your chosen method)
(2) Create social media content on the platform/s of your choosing

Retreat & Workshop Development

Retreat Scheduling & Workshop Coordination
Structure and Alignment of Themes, Session and Modality Planning

Assist equally to develop retreat schedule, itinerary, exercises, worshops, meals, transportion, and all other facets of the retreat
Coordinate workshop development & needs with workshop facilitators

Retreat Facilitation

During a retreat, Retreat Facilitators manage everything happening outside of workshops and meals and need to be present for the whole retreat.

NEED (+2) Retreat Facilitators

Responsible for logistics between activities, schedule coordination, time management
Lead team activities like hike, camp, and more
If available, assists Workshops Facilitators during their sessions

NEED (+1) Chef

Responsible for meal planning, preparation, cleanup
Accomodates Ayuvedic, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten-Free needs. Nutrition and/or herbalism and/or foraging modalities preferred.
Work with Retreat & Workshop Developers to create and procure list of materials.
If available, assists either Workshop or Retreat Facilitators during their activity or session

NEED (+1) Retreat Operations Volunteer

Join for any/all of a retreat to assist with setup, cleaning, and other needs such as a food preparation, coordinating participants, and answering their questions.

NEED (+1) Photographer (Paid or Volunteer)

Join a retreat to capture moments for the yearbook

Workshop Facilitation

Teach workshop sessions in your modality

NEED (+2) Workshop Facilitators

Partner with another facilitator teach a workshop session in your modality
Responsible for leading any number of workshop sessions during a retreat as a resident or guest (ie: a resident facilitators takes part in developing the workshop theme and teach them in each retreat offering and/or runs it as a dedicated event outside of a retreat. A guest may teach a specific session requiring their specific modality)
Host (2) post-retreat virtual integration sessions
If available, assists Retreat Facilitators with activities outside of workshops