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Unique Modalities to Spark Transformation

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Programming & Facilitation

Serenity, of Serenity Sanctuary, has a background in professional counceling, reiki, plant medicine, harm reduction, and sound healing. By infusing these elements together, Serenity offers a safe, inclusive space for trauma release, stress relief, personal growth, spiritual development, and healing in general, with the use of sound, song, plant medicines, and immersive energy healing; which reaches the subconscious by inducing a trance state through multi-sensory engagement.

Serenity offers 1:1 sessions, group sessions, and ceremony. Contact Serenity via email

Miranda Joy

Programming & Facilitation

Miranda Joy, an NBC-HWC board certified Heath and Wellness coach has a background with plant medicines and psychedelics for over 10 years. As a currently practicing Psychedelic Integration Coach (PsyIntegration coaching), she guides people through integrating medicine experiences for sustaining life changes. Using the lessons learned from this work, Miranda brings her knowledge to Entheos Retreats, with tools from her experience in Kundalini and Anusara Yoga (500 RYT), Ceremonial Breathwork, Peruvian shamanism (The Four Winds Society), DJing and Ecstatic Dance.


Programming & Facilitation

Outside of his career in tech & startups, Dave produces experimental art, brings people together for common causes, and dedicates himself to personal improvement and spiritual development through meditation, journaling, fitness, and entheogenic ceremony. He’s taught yoga, meditation, and indoor cycling, joined early stage startups to build their IT program, and wants to bridge the gap between our conditioning and true self.

Aria Dawn

Programming & Facilitation

Aria believes that by cultivating the connection between the inner and outer voice, freedom reveals itself. For the last decade she has devoted herself to studying the effects and experience of healing thru writing, music, movement, plant medicine and vocal liberation. She is available for 1:1 work for new clients, workshops, and creative exploration and journeying at the instagram link below.


Programming & Advisor

Eliana Maharani is a song-weaver, community-builder & Plant Medicine practitioner. Her journey back to the Heart began in 2014 in Sedona, AZ. While in the desert, she became a mother, managed several community-based houses, and became a Ceremony leader. The winds of change brought her to New York in 2018, where she founded the Lighthouse in Ithaca, NY. It was here that her ceremony group, Maharani Medicine Circles, was born. Eliana’s ceremonies are inspired by Brazilian & Hawaiian traditions, powered by musical magic, emotion & universal prayer. Through it all, a singular purpose remained clear; healing the people through community, music Earth & Spirit. Eliana now splits her time between Arizona and the Lighthouse, and aims to help people on both sides of the country.


Programming & Facilitation

Eric is a successful small business owner, active community leader, accomplished musician and a loving father.

Through his nonprofit, men’s circles and over a decade sponsoring men in recovery, he works to build community and awareness around healing and acceptance of self. He’s combined years of experience treating mental illness and addiction with a background in psychology to become a Spiritual Development Coach and visionary behind 444 Spirit Creations, which produces AI driven artwork channeled from cosmic teachings.

Eric specializes in shadow work and positive co-parenting practices to coach others along their spiritual paths. He continues to build community through his nonprofit and other spiritual communities where he has stepped into leadership roles.


Programming & Facilitation

Since my very first breath, a bright light has guided my sometimes dark, sometimes scary, always (ultimately) enriching path. I realized and fostered my intuitive healing and psychic abilities from a young age and have cultivated this gift into a healing profession.

Since 2010, I have taught numerous courses, worked one-on-one with thousands of people, and hosted many events that encompass the breadth of my healing abilities. I have many interests and ways that I offer my services (hence the name 360) and each of them offer you an opportunity to see, hear, feel and BE yourself more authentically. Work with me will leave you feeling empowered, moved, opened, connected and reminded of your innate beauty, wisdom and truth of your soul’s unique path. 

I have an Associate’s degree in Social Sciences with emphasis on Psychology, Human Sexuality, and Math (weird, right?).   I have docked over 900 hours as a Certified Herbalist.  I also received a 500 RYT Yoga Teacher Training Certification, Reiki Level 1 + 2 Attunements, and studied in depth Indian Tantrik philosophy and practices since 2010. I am a mystic + healer from many lives back, primarily self-taught in both tarot and astrology, and I continually teach and take workshops and classes to share and fine tune my myriad interests & talents as a healer.

Among my offerings are herbal/nutritional consultations, tarot readings, astrology readings, reiki sessions, yoga sessions, sound healing, and palm readings.

Teja Nam

Programming & Facilitation

Alexandra ‘Teja’ Kinney teaches Vedic Astrology and Vocal Meditation. Her work reconnects people to their own divine blueprint through the power of their voice and natal chart; exploring sacred sounds, archetypes, personalized mantras, and medicine songs to encourage healing.

Devin The Mindful Mage

Programming & Facilitation

Artist. Coach. Educator. Certified Consulting Hypnotist. 500+ hours of hypnotherapy training, a degree in Integrative Healing, and over a decade of meditation and mindfulness experience.



Peggy Brick is a philosopher, a lover of wysdom. She is a writer and teacher of ethics. She is a lawyer who works for social justice. She is a plant woman and a grandmother.



Everyone accumulates trauma – it’s unavoidable. It is nothing to be ashamed of and it’s not your fault. Trauma impacts connection to self, ability to love, ability to be present. It can manifest in expected ways such as emotional suffering like depression and anxiety, but can also create physical problems such as migraines, autoimmune diseases, and joint, tendon and muscle pain. I help you release the stuck energy from trauma, stressors, and childhood wounds that impact your quality of life.

I’ve completed training in the modalities that helped me transform from silently suffering to living with vitality. These include Co-Active Coaching (CPCC), Somatic Experiencing (SEP), and IFS Level 1. I’ve continued my work into working directly with medicines that induce altered states. This work gives freedom to live with more ease. Healing is innately available to us all – we ARE the medicine. These modalities provide a key to open the door.


Chef & Workshop Facilitator

Emily is a psychedelic guide and advisor, specializing in removing emotional roadblocks. She prides herself on providing a warm, supportive, honest atmosphere for her clients; creating an accessible experience that is highly individualized and safe.

Emily’s background in psychology, matchmaking, and relationship coaching allows her to easily identify unhealthy patterns in thought and behavior. She uses therapeutic psychedelics in controlled and comfortable settings to help people break these self-sabotaging cycles and live better, more well-examined lives.

Emily offers one-on-one psychedelic support sessions as well as life and relationship counseling on a sliding financial scale. Please reach out via email.