Inflation-Proof Investing in Your Team


3 Bedroom, 4 Bath

Loft, Living, & Workshop Room

Solarium, Outdoor Deck, Pond, Trails

Full Kitchen, Washer, Dryer

All Essentials + Sleepover Accomodations

Ithaca Bus/Train Pickup + Dropoff


Vegetarian Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Coffee, Tea, Snacks

Nutritional & Herbalism Lesson

(2) Diet Accomodations

On-Site Chef

Meal Planning Tips


Facilitated Workshops

Yoga, Meditation, In-tea-gration

Hike (Forage) & Camp (Astrology)

(4) Retreat Facilitators

(2) Post-Retreat Virtual Integrations

NYC Team Transport (at cost)

Two columns

Cost Calculator

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