Don’t let your

Team Retreats

become another day in the office 😴

Workshops | Team Building | skills training | Everything In Between

Facilitated Workshops

Growth happens outside of our comfort zone. Our experienced practitioners build an inclusive environment where you can safely take off your mask and let the light in. Learn how to take personal and group dynamics to the next level with:

  • Develop Your Inner Voice for Effective Communication
  • How To Surrender & Work Through Blockages
  • Navigate Unknown Territory with Wilderness Survival
  • Building A Roadmap to Self Actualization
  • Intentional Awareness with Mindfulness Meditation

Read More About the Power of Inner Voice (External)

Team Building Activities

Through shared experience, you’ll build closer relationships with your self and others. Navigate challenges together as we set out hiking, camping, and jump in the pond on your last day! We’ve handled all of the outer work so that you can handle the inner.

  • Guided Hiking, Nature Walks, and Foraging Activities
  • A Night Camping Under the Stars
  • Group and Personal Integration Sessions

Here’s What Team Building Can Do for Your Mission (External)

Learning & Development

Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork

Start each day with a deeper connection to self and mission with our morning practices. Modalities include yoga, meditation, breathwork, and dream interpretation to set intentions before activities begin.

Integration, Journaling, Dream Intepretation

End each day with tea in our integration circle to transmute lessons into habits. Discover the importance of these practices for processing your learnings by making them a part of your daily routine. We’ll be following up to discuss any challenges you’re facing in our post-experience integration sessions.

Nutrition, Herbalism, Foraging

Learn how to avoid afternoon caffeine hangovers and optimize your food schedule. Plus, what was the last time you ate with your hands?

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Everything In Between

Travel to/from Ithaca

We’ll pick you up and drop you off in Ithaca, where multiple buses travel daily between NYC and other cities. When requested, we’ll arrange travel for your team from major cities at the actual cost, nothing additional.

All Meals

Our chef prepares a vegetarian meal plan for weekend workshops, retreats, and special events. They’ll include special dietary needs and use meals as opportunition to impart nutrition lessons.

Shared Accomodations

Remember slumber parties? It’s kind of like that 😴 When we’re not camping in the woods, the workshop and integration rooms will convert into sleeping quarters.

Retreat Itinerary

Day 1

Arrival & Orientation
Opening Ceremony
Intros & Intentions
Team Dinner

Day 2

Morning Practice
Team Breakfast
Workshop Session
Team Lunch & Nutrition
Hike & Forage Activity
Workshop Session
Team Dinner
In-tea-gration & Herbalism

Day 3

Morning Practice
Team Breakfast & Nutrition
Workshop Session
Team Lunch
Personal Time
Workshop Session
Set out for Camp
Team Dinner
Fire Ritual & Astrology

Day 4

Return from Camp
Morning Practice
Pond Jump
Team Breakfast
Continued Edu. Review
Team Lunch
Closing Ceremony