Weekend Workshops

Plant Medicine Lessons Without Plant Medicine

inner voice | surrender | navigate the unknown | self actualization


Our workshops are designed to provide challenging opportunities for you to confront fears, identify coping mechanisms, and examine long-held belief systems in a safe, inclusive atmosphere.

In three to four sessions, experienced facilitators will use various modalities to layer on lessons for personal growth and transformation. We’ll build up to the workshop’s theme and any materials that you would need are provided.

Learn how to take personal and group dynamics to the next level with:

  • Develop Your Inner Voice for Effective Communication
  • How To Surrender & Work Through Blockages
  • Get the Most out of Your Microdose
  • Navigate Unknown Territory with Wilderness Survival
  • Building A Roadmap to Self Actualization
  • Intentional Awareness with Mindfulness Meditation


Our facilitators bring educational and practical experience within their respective modalities. Each one having been intentionally chosen for the specific plant lesson. The modalities chosen will vary based on the workshop theme. Event pages will list the modalities that are included for their theme.

  • Writing Exercises and Journaling
  • Yoga, Meditation, Dream Interpretation
  • Astrology (Western & Vedic) and Hypnotism
  • Breathwork, Singing, and Holding Space
  • Somatic Experiencing and Harm Reduction
  • Nutrition, Herbalism, and Foraging
  • Hiking, Camping, and Wilderness Survival

Everything In Between

Travel to/from Ithaca

We’ll pick you up and drop you off in Ithaca, where multiple buses travel daily between NYC and other cities. When requested, we’ll arrange travel for groups from major cities at the actual cost, nothing additional.

All Meals & Living Essentials

Some workshops will have an on-site chef while others may not. This will be noted in the event page. In either case, our chef prepares a vegetarian meal plan for weekend and will include any special dietary needs.

We’re stocking everything you would need for a weekend getaway so that you only have to bring yourself…and maybe a change of clothes.

Shared Accomodations

Remember slumber parties? It’s kind of like that 😴 When we’re not camping in the woods, the workshop and integration rooms will convert into sleeping quarters.

Workshop Itinerary

Day 1

Arrival, Intros & Intentions
Opening Ceremony
Group Dinner

Day 2

Morning Practice
Group Breakfast
Indoor Workshop Session
Group Lunch
Outdoor Workshop Session
Group Dinner
Skills Practice & Integration

Day 3

Morning Practice
Group Breakfast
Shortened Workshop Session
Closing Ceremony
Group Lunch
Departure Time