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Ready-To-Go Retreats for Teams 🤝

Don’t let the benefits of remote work come at the expense of team cohesion and disconnection from the mission. We’ve got everything you’ll need, so you just bring yourself…and maybe a change of clothes 🦨

The Lighthouse is a communal, home environment outside Ithaca, NY. The space intentionally removes layers of separation and privilege so that your team can bond as equals through workshops, activities, integration sessions, and more.

Weekend Workshops for Everyone 🧍

Our weekend workshops are open to the public and include transportation, meals, shared accomodations, and all materials so that you can focus on the inner work. All of our programming is based on plant medicine lessons and include:

  • Develop Your Inner Voice for Effective Communication
  • How To Surrender & Work Through Blockages
  • Get the Most Out of Your Microdose
  • Navigate Unknown Territory with Wilderness Survival
  • Building A Roadmap to Self Actualization
  • Intentional Awareness with Mindfulness Meditation

Special Events & Booking 🎟️

We’re always interested in collaboration opportunities and partner with groups, societies, and individual facilitators for ceremony, private events, large gatherings, and skill sharing. Reach out to align on your ideas and potential offerings!

Return as a group or individual for ceremonies, advanced lessons, dedicated workshops, and new retreat themes.