What is a Team Retreat, Anyways?

Planning an annual team retreat is no small endeavor. But there’s a trick to making it a little easier. Without question, make your first step defining what a retreat means to you and the team.

There’s two types of retreats and the one you choose will shape the entire experience. Here’s how to choose between Team Development and Business Development.

There’s Two Types of Retreats

In the red shorts, we have Team Development:

  • Focus Personal and Interpersonal Development
  • Goal Improve Communication, Skills, and Relationships
  • Outcome Strengthening Team Cohesion & Connection to MissionReady for your Team Development Retreat?

A retreat focusing on team development will have these benefits:

  • Higher employee retention rates from stronger alignment with mission
  • Increased productivity through stronger relationships
  • Better business outcomes through improved collaboration and understanding

And in the blue shorts, the challender, Business Development:

  • Focus Business Goal Alignment
  • Goal Review Objectives, Goals, Key Results, and Roadmap
  • Outcome Common Understanding of Business Objectives

A retreat focusing on business development will have these benefits:

  • Streamlined decision making
  • All employees moving in the same direction
  • Work time during the retreat

How to Choose a Retreat Style

Given the stark differences, one of the two should immediately jump out to you. But if not, here’s how to make a decision.

Intention Brings Clarity

There’s a few key differences between the two retreat styles –

  • a business development retreat is like an ‘All Hands Meeting’ with a broader scope. It will:
    • have time scoped to work
    • maintain separation between team members (ind. hotel rooms)
    • feel like a conference
    • create a connection between employee and business objectives
  • a team development retreat is like camp. It will:
    • use the brief time you have together to nurture connection between people
    • invest in an employees personal development to benefit the whole
    • teach skills and facilitate team building activities
    • create a connection to each other

Got it! Now what’s the next step?

Plan it! It’s just a bit of a colossal undertaking (don’t forget insurance! socks! dietary preferences!)

So we built the Lighthouse Retreat Center to bring teams together without the burden of planning out all the details. We handle the outer work so you can handle the inner.

Our all-inclusive, immersive experience combines workshops, lessons, and team building activities for teams of 6 – 12 in New York. Oh, and we’ve got transportation, meals, and accomodations covered.

Just bring yourself…and maybe a change of clothes 🦨